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Specializing in Expertly Installed Precast Products

Concrete Sound Barrier Fences

T.A.H.M. Enterprises Inc. has been specializing in the construction and maintenance of precast sound fences since 1994 and has been servicing the Calgary area for the past 20+ years. We specialize in installing Stonecrete, Allan Block and various other styles of precast products and noise barrier fences.

T.A.H.M. Enterprises Inc. will install aesthtically beautiful fences around your home or commercial property. Our professional team focuses on quality of work and customer service. We take pride in a job well done while living up to our top priority of meeting customer deadlines.

What is a Concrete Sound Barrier Fence?
Concrete sound attenuation walls, also known as noise barriers are designed to reduce traffic noise. The barrier is a solid obstruction built between the roadway and residential or commercial areas. While they do not completely block all of the traffic noise they are effective in reducing the overall levels. Effective noise barriers typically decrease noise levels by 5 decibels. If the height of the sound wall is tall enough to break the line-of-site from the roadway, it can achieve 1.5 decibels of additional noise level reduction for each metre of barrier height.
Allan Block Sound Walls:
Sound Barrier Fence on 90th Ave

One of the most aesthectically
pleasing style of fencing on the
market today.
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!!NEW!! Stonecrete Sound Walls:
Sound Barrier Fence on 90th Ave

The Stonecrete is fast becoming the most popular sound wall style given it's durability, excellence in sound retention, increased security, and it is maintenance free. This style of fence is cost-effective compared to the alternatives on the market today, as well as faster to install. The Stonecrete system can be installed using small equipment making it a more economical solution.
Why Chose T.A.H.M. Enterprises Inc.?
At T.A.H.M. we have over 20 years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing sound barrier wall systems. With extensive knowledge of the precast concrete fence buisiness we can provide you with the best product possible to meet your needs. Our commitment to customers and focus on customer service paired with our years of experience enable us to provide superior workmanship while staying on track to meet construction deadlines.
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